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asset_upload_file746_9878Lighting the chalice is a traditional part of most Unitarian Universalist church services, and signifies the beginning of the deeper spiritual, reflective, and worshipful time in our service. The Chalice also symbolizes our fellowship with Unitarian Universalists and their congregations throughout the world. The following words are frequently used in our congregation when the Chalice is lit. They are adapted from two readings found in our denomination’s hymnal, Singing The Living Tradition.


Lighting the Chalice
(Spoken in Unison)

At times our own light goes out,
And yet is rekindled
By the spark from another person.
Each of us has cause to thank,
With deepest gratitude,
Those who have ignited our light:
The Flame within us.

(Pause while the chalice is lit)

Rekindling the chalice lamp of our heritage,
Rekindling the light of each other,
Let us hallow this time together.

Here is an example order of service: Order of Service (PDF)